The Return To The Country

Here’s a Breton who is coming back to his native land
After having done many horrible things
He walks in front of the factories in Douarnenez
He doesn’t recognize anyone
No one recognizes him
He is very sad.
He goes into a crepe shop to eat some crepes
But he can’t eat any
There is something that’s preventing them from passing through his lips
He pays
He leaves
He lights a cigarette
But he can’t smoke it.
There is something
Something in his head
Something bad
He gets sadder and sadder
And suddenly it appears in his memory:
Someone told him when he was very little:
“You will end up on the gallows”
And through the years
He didn’t dare do anything
Not even cross the street
Not even leave on the ocean
Nothing absolutely nothing.
He remembers.
The one who had predicted this was his Uncle Grésillard
Uncle Grésillard who was a jerk to everybody
The bastard!
And the Breton thinks of the war
Thinks of all the things he’s seen
All the things he’s done.
Sadness clenches down against him
He tries another time
To light a cigarette
But he doesn’t want to smoke
So he decides to go see Uncle Grésillard.
He goes
He opens the door
His uncle doesn’t recognize him
But he recognizes his uncle
And he says:
“Hello Uncle Grésillard”
And then he wrings his neck.
And he ends up on the gallows in Quimper
After having eaten two dozen crepes
And smoked a cigarette.

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