Rue de Seine

Rue de Seine ten-thirty
at night
at the corner of another street
a staggering man… a young man
with a hat
a raincoat
a woman shakes him…
she shakes him
and she speaks to him
and he shakes his head
his hat is all askew
and the woman’s hat is ready to fall off behind her
both of them are very pale
the man definitely wants to leave…
to disappear… to die…
but the woman has a furious desire to live
and her voice
her voice whispers
so that you can’t help but listen to it
it’s a plea…
an order…
a cry…
so insistent this voice…
and sad
and lively…
a sick newborn who shivers on a grave
in a winter cemetery…
the scream of fingers caught in a door…
a song
a sentence
always the same
a sentence
without stopping
without response…
the man looks at her his eyes rolling
he makes a gesture with his arms
like a drowning man
and the sentence comes at him again
Rue de Seine at the corner of another street
the woman continues
continues her anxious question
a wound impossible to bandage
Pierre tell me the truth
Pierre tell me the truth
I want to know everything
tell me the truth…
the woman’s hat falls
Pierre I want to know everything
tell me the truth…
stupid and grandiose question
Pierre doesn’t know what to say
he is lost
this one named Pierre…
he has a smile that maybe he would like to lose
and he repeats
Look calm down you’re crazy
but he doesn’t know how right he is
but he doesn’t see
he can’t see how
the man’s mouth is twisted by his smile…
he is suffocating
the world crushes against him
and he suffocates
he is a prisoner
caught by his promises…
they hold him accountable…
facing him…
a machine that keeps accounts
a machine that writes love letters
a machine that suffers
seizes him…
clings to him…
Pierre tell me the truth.

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3 Responses to Rue de Seine

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  2. Johnk471 says:

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  3. phiwo2mandy says:

    Reblogged this on A Reflection of Self and commented:
    As I study for my French exam tomorrow. “Cher Dieu, dit moi les reponses verite. Amen.”

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