The New Order

The sun dwells in the ground
Broken liter of red wine
A house like a drunkard
On the pavement has collapsed
And under its porch that still stands
A young girl is stretched out
A kneeling man next to her
Is about to finish her off
In the wound where the bullet stirs
Her heart won’t stop bleeding
And the man lets out a war cry
Like an absurd cry of a peacock
And his cry is lost in the night
Outside of life outside of time
And the man his face covered in dust
The lost and damaged man
Straightens up and yells “Heil Hitler!”
With a desperate voice
Facing him in the debris
From a charred storefront
The portrait of a pale old man
Watches him with kindness
Stars shine on his sleeves
Also others on his kepi
Like the stars shining on Christmas
On the trees for the little ones
And the man of the assault platoons
In front of the marvelous colors
Suddenly finds himself with his family
At the very heart of the new order
And puts his knife back in its scabbard
And gets out of there right away
Automaton of new Europe
Scrambled by the evil of countries
Goodbye goodbye Lily Marlene
And his steps and his song grow distant in the night
And the portrait of the pale old man
In the middle of the rubble
Stays alone and smiles
Tranquil in the half-light
Senile and sure of itself.

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