I Am What I Am

I am what I am
I’m made that way
When I want to laugh
Yes I erupt with laughter
I love the one that loves me
Is it my fault
If it’s not the same one
That I love each time
I am what I am
I’m made that way
What more do you want
What do you want from me

I’m made for pleasure
And nothing can change that
My heels are too high
My figure too curved
My breasts way too firm
And my eyes too darkly ringed
And then afterwards
What can you do about it
I am what I am
I please who I please
What can you do about it

What happened to me
Yes I loved someone
Yes someone loved me
Like children love each other
Simply knowing how to love
Love love…
Why ask me
I’m here for your pleasure
And nothing can change that.


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What day are we
We are every day
My friend
We are all of life
My love
We love each other and we live
We live and we love each other
And we don’t know what life is
And we don’t know what days are
And we don’t know what love is.

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An orange on the table
Your dress on the carpet
And you in my bed
Gentle present of the present
Coolness of the night
Warmth of my life.

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Into My House

Into my house you will come
Actually this isn’t my house
I don’t know whose it is
I came in one day just like that
There was no one here
Just some red peppers hanging on a white wall
I stayed in this house a long time
No one came in
But every day and every day
I waited for you

I wasn’t doing anything
At least nothing serious
Sometimes in the morning
I would let out animal cries
I bawled like a donkey
With all of my might
And it pleased me to do so
And then I played with my feet
Feet are very smart
They take you very far
When you want to go very far
And then when you don’t want to leave
They stay there they keep you company
And when there is music they dance
You can’t dance without them
Just be stupid like man is so often
As stupid as his feet happy as a clam
The clam isn’t happy
It’s only happy when it’s happy
And sad when it’s sad or neither happy nor sad
How do you know that it’s a clam
Honestly it’s not really called that
It’s man who called this mollusk that
Clam clam clam clam

Names are so weird
Martin Hugo Victor is his first name
Bonaparte Napoleon is his first name
Why like that and not like this
A troop of bonapartes pass through the desert
The Emperor is named Dromedary
He has the body of a horse and some travelling luggage
At a far gallop a man who only has three first names
He’s called Tim-Tam-Tom and doesn’t have a last name
A little further still there is no one that matters
Much further still there is nothing that matters
And then what can you do

Into my house you will come
I think about other things but I only think about this
And once you have taken off all your clothes
And you stand there nude motionless with your red mouth
Like the red peppers hanging on the white wall
And then you will lie down and I will lie down next to you
Into my house that is not my house you will come.

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The Dunce

He says no with his head
but he says yes with his heart
he says yes to that which he loves
he says no to the professor
he stands
they quiz him
and all the problems are puzzles
suddenly he is overcome with mad laughter
and he erases everything
the numbers and the words
the dates and the names
the sentences and the snares
and despite the threats of the teacher
under the jeers of the child prodigies
with chalk of every color
on the blackboard of misery
he draws a face of happiness

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Our Father

Our Father who art in heaven
Stay there
And we will stay on the Earth
That is sometimes so pretty
With its mysteries of New York
And then its mysteries of Paris
Which rival those of the Trinity
With its little Canal de l’Ouroq
Its Great Wall of China
Its River of Morlaix
Its Bêtises de Cambrai
With its Pacific Ocean
And its two pools at the Tuilleries
With its good children and its bad apples
With all the wonders of the world
That are there
Simply on the Earth
Offered to everyone
Wondering at themselves at how they could be so wonderful
And who dare to show it
Like a beautiful naked girl who dares to show it
With the horrible misfortunes of the world
That are legion
With their legionnaires
With their torturers
With the masters of the world
The masters with their praetors their traitors their raiders
With the seasons
With the years
With the pretty girls and the old codgers
With the straw of misery rotting in the steel of cannons.

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The Wheelbarrow or The Great Inventions

The peacock makes the wheel
fortune makes the rest
God sits down inside
and man pushes it.

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You Will See What You Will See

A nude girl swims in the sea
A bearded man walks on water
Which is the wonder of wonders
The higher heralded miracle?

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And The Party Continues

Standing in front of the bar
At the stroke of 10 o’ clock
A great barfly plumber
Dressed for Sunday even though it’s Monday
Sings for himself all alone
Sings that it’s Friday
That he won’t go to class
That the war is over
And work as well
That life is so beautiful
And the girls so pretty
And stumbling in front of the bar
But guided by his plumb-bob
He stops right in front of the bartender
Three peasants will come by and they will pay you
Then disappears into the sun
Without settling up for the check
Disappearing into the sun all the while continuing his song.

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This Love

This love
So violent
So fragile
So tender
So desperate
This love
Beautiful like the day
And bad like the weather
When the weather is bad
This love so true
This love so beautiful
So happy
So joyous
And so pathetic
Trembling with fear like a child in the dark
And so sure of itself
Like a calm man in the middle of the night
The love that freaks everyone else out
That makes them talk
That makes them turn pale
This scrutinized love
Because we were scrutinizing it
Hunted hurt impeded finished denied forgotten
Because we hunted hurt impeded finished denied forgot it
This love in its entirety
So vibrant still
And completely radiant
It’s yours
It’s mine
That which had been
This thing always new
And that hasn’t changed
As real as a plant
As shaky as a bird
As hot as lively as summer
We can both of us
Leave and come back
We can forget
And then go back to sleep
We reawaken suffer grow old
We fall asleep again
Dreaming of death
We awake smiling and laughing
And grow young again
Our love remains there
Stubborn as a mule
Lively as desire
Cruel as memory
Stupid as regret
Tender as remembrance
Cold as marble
Beautiful as the day
Fragile as a child
It watches us as it smiles
And it speaks to us without saying anything
And me I listen to it and shake
And I scream
I scream for you
I scream for me
I beg you
For you for me and for everyone in love
And who love each other
Yes I scream at it
For you for me for all the others
That I don’t know
Stay there
There where you are
There where you’ve been
Stay there
Don’t move an inch
Don’t go anywhere
We who are loved
We forgot you
Don’t you forget us
We’ve had only you on this earth
Don’t let us become cold
Always more distant
And it doesn’t matter where
Give us a sign of life
Much later in the corner of the wood
In the forest of memory
Appear suddenly
Give us your hand
And save us.

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Between the rows of trees on l’Avenue des Gobelins
A marble statue takes me by the hand
Today is Sunday the cinemas are full
The birds in the branches watch the humans
And the statue kisses me but no one sees us
Except for a blind child who points at us.

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